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The Beginning

The history of Ulvhälls hällar art park starten in the autumn of 2015 when Ulvhälls herrgård, curator Björn Norberg and the Nordic Art Association started to plan an art venue in Strängnäs, less than an hour from the centre in Stockholm. Since then we have received funding from Allmänna arvsfonden and Sparbanksstiftelsen rekarne to create a wooden construction, a path, that will make the park accessible for anyone. We have also started up collaborations with Strängnäs municipality and several local associations in the Strängnäs region. The park will open May 9th 2018 and we are at the moment starting up collaborations with youngsters in Strängnäs. Anyone interested can join us. Or next meeting is January 14th at Ulvhälls herrgård 1pm. Contact us through the blog to join! Together we will create the project and we will be able to follow the work of the artists!